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    7 Tips You Must Follow to Wear a T-shirt Over Hoodie

    t-shirt over hoodie

    Wearing hoodies got popular in the 1970s. After gaining popularity, teenagers love to follow the trend of wearing a t-shirt over hoodie for warmth in cold, fashion, and a casual look. Still, if you’re confused or don’t know how to wear and style a t-shirt over a hoodie outfit, this article is for you.

    You can definitely wear a T-shirt over a hoodie if you have an oversized T-shirt and a not-baggy hoodie. For an appealing appearance, good color contrast between the hoodie and t-shirt and keeping the hood outside of the t-shirt are the best principles to follow the trend perfectly.

    In this article, we will give tips to be followed if you tend to wear a tee-shirt over a hoodie. These layering style tips are vital to show aesthetics and add some personality.

    Here you go deeper -

    How To Wear a T-shirt Over Hoodie (Men and Women)

    1. Do Not Go For a Baggy Hoodie

    It is the first consideration because it will help you measure the T-shirt size you want to wear. If you have a baggy hoodie, you must buy an oversized t-shirt that seems awkward for both fatty and skinny guys.

    Besides, it is impractical, and you will feel uncomfortable wearing it.

    In the case of the baggy hoodie, you will surely fall into trouble when putting on a t-shirt over it. Additionally, If you want to wear a long-sleeve t-shirt, the arm-to-wrist region will seem billowy.

    Furthermore, hoodie cuffs and bottom hem will come out of the t-shirt, which really seems awkward.

    So, you should buy a hoodie that is not baggy or too skinny. You should buy a slim-fitting hoodie that allows air circulation and easy body parts movement.

    How to measure the size of the hoodie that will fit?

    Well, lay it on any surface. Then measure the length between the shoulder seam to hem and the chest width from armpit to armpit. You should choose one that is comfortable with the width of your chest and the length between the shoulder and below your belt.

    2. Buy an Oversized T-shirt.

    Now, it is time to buy a T-shirt. Hopefully, you already guessed what would be the size of your Tee. The size of the T-shirt should be more than the hoodie size. For instance, if your hoodie size is “L,” you should wear an “XL” t-shirt.

    An oversized t-shirt does not mean too baggy. It means the t-shirt will give enough room to the hoodie and properly drape it without accentuating bigger hoodie parts.

    The T-shirt neck should not be crew-neck, which will prevent the hoodie’s hood from coming out.

    Again, if you buy the same sizes of T-shirt and hoodie, you can not wear them properly. Do not buy a down-size T-shirt. Otherwise, you can not wear it; breathing is uncomfortable. It looks clumsy too.

    3. Tucking In Hood Bottom

    It is up to you whether you tuck in the hood hem. Usually, it looks better when someone tucks in. So, tuck the hem around your waistline.

    4. Do not buy the hooded T-shirt

    As a hoodie comes with a hood on top, you should not buy a hooded t-shirt. Otherwise, you must wear one hood on your head, and another keeps falling at your back. This is odd to see.

    5. Keep Hood Outside of The T-shirt

    As you have bought a hoodie for warmth and fashion, keep it outside the t-shirt. Tucking it in a t-shirt is unconventional, uncomfortable, and impractical.

    When you keep it outside, you can quickly wear it on your head in cold air and rain and take it off when you feel hot.

    6. Follow Color Contrast Psychology (Example Given)

    This step is a must if you want to look casual and fashionable. For instance, wearing two neutral colors to make a layer will make you look clumsy.

    So, color contrast is vital. 

    Instead, you can wear an orange T-shirt with a neutral hoodie.

    Here are some combinations for a better-looking contrast -

    1. White hoodie with a black T-shirt for a classic look or vice versa.
    2. An oversized white t-shirt with a navy hoodie for sliminess and a classic look.
    3. Two complementary colors - blue and orange, pink and teal, red and green.
    4. Purple T-shirt with a black hoodie.
    5. Pink T-shirt with a navy hoodie.

    There are so many examples out there. Consider your skin tone and what occasion you are going along with contrast.

    7. Coordinate Tee Over Hoodie Outfit with Accessories

    This step is optional but essential for one who wants to add more personality to his attire. 

    You must consider baggy jeans as you wear an oversized T-shirt over a hoodie. Do not wear too skinny jeans.

    Also, you must consider the color contrast. Wearing deep black or light blue jeans adds more personality than other jeans. You will look casual with light blue jeans from our point of view.

    You can use colored hats or beanies to add more depth to your personality. The girls can use colorful scarf over their heads to give more degree in their fashion.

    The shoe color also matters here. 

    Our last two cents is - you can choose whatever color you like. It is all up to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I wear something over a hoodie?

    Yes, you can wear anything over a hoodie. You can wear a T-shirt over a hoodie or a bomber jacket over a hoodie. You can also wear a parka coat over a hoodie.

    What do you wear over an oversized hoodie?

    As mentioned earlier, we recommend you not wear an oversized hoodie. If you have an oversized hoodie, you can wear a bomber jacket or parka coat over it. Here my recommendation is - you can wear a T-shirt under the hoodie in the case of an oversized hoodie. It is casual.

    Should the hoodie be tight or loose?

    The hoodie should not be too tight; it prevents body movement and is uncomfortable. Contrary, the hoodie should not be too loose; it will be a struggle for you to wear a t-shirt over it. Besides, the t-shirt accentuates the hoodie’s prominent parts.

    Is a pullover or zip-up hoodie suitable for a t-shirt over a hoodie style?

    A zip-up hoodie suits a t-shirt over a hoodie outfit more than a pullover hoodie. A Pullover hoodie is suitable for giving warmth. If you are allergic to colds, you can wear a pullover hoodie.